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ABC's for Inner Strength & Trauma Recovery - Free Download

ISBN 1-885783-18-8

A free download version of this book is available on our website for those recovering from the recent World Trade Center disaste

Free Download

How to 'Have it All' and Keep Your Sanity: ABC's for Success in Business, Management, and Life

Paperback ($12.95) - ISBN 1-8857838-17-X

In How to 'Have it All' and Keep Your Sanity, Dr. Inwald combines personal experience with well-researched management principles to provide an easy-to-follow guide for success in the workplace. Some of her ABC's for success in business, management, and life include "M" - Motivate Others to Help You, "N" - Negotiate for 'Win-Win' Solutions, and "O" - One Step at a Time. Click here for excerpts

Illustrated Children's Books

Cap it Off With A Smile - A Guide for Making and Keeping Friends

Hardcover ($16.95) - ISBN 1-885738-00-5 - Softcover ($9.95) ISBN 1-885738-01-3

Children of all ages want to have friends, but many are unsure about how to make them. This story begins with a common childhood scene: a time when making friends seems like an impossible task. Using the acronym, CAPS, with the letters C for "Compliment", A for "Ask" questions, P for be "Positive", and S for "Smile", a lovable CAP character tells children the secret of how to make friends. As each letter is introduced, examples of how to act with others are illustrated and described.

Original Music by Robin Inwald



As well as being an award-winning psychologist, Robin Inwald is a singer/songwriter. She has written songs in the following styles: pop, acoustic/folk, adult contemporary, jazz, and dance. Click here to visit the website and to hear sound clips from her two previously recorded CD's, Electricity and A River's Story. Robin currently is working on her third CD.

Free Download
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